Friday, December 30, 2011


HA! Roxy doesn't believe Gigi is really Gigi. I love her =) She is pulling at her face checking for scars. It isn't until Gigi becomes upset over the cancelation of Fraternity Row that Roxy finally believes it is her..LOL.

Matthew ran away to David and Dorain's? That would be fun to watch!

Beautiful and sweet wedding! I admit I needed a tissue. Delphina did a good job. Vintage Rex flashback. Wow, his hair! Shane looked so teeny. The wedding went off without interruption and we now have newlyweds! Immediately after, the lights start to flicker.

The Todd/Blair kiss gave me some goosebumps! The same can't be said for Natalie and John. Of course their kiss got interrupted...AGAIN!

Delphina warns John about evil coming to Llanview tonight. At the stroke of midnight the whole town goes dark. There's been a JAILBREAK!! Starr, Nora, and Natalie all seem to get visits from an escapee. Who do you think is showing up?

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