Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You Did Not Just Call Me Fat!

Oh Nora! Let Matt know he is going to be a daddy. I was looking forward to seeing his reaction when he discovered Destiny's pregnancy. Guess I will have to wait a little longer. I take that back.....they get the "all clear" from the doctor and give him the news. Weird that Matthew didn't remember right away that he had sex with Destiny.
John McBain is too smart to believe Tomas kept the murder weapon AND left his prints on it.

Todd and Blair flashback!  Finally something worth watching with those 2. Lately I can't stomach the way Todd is being written. Then suddenly they throw him in a scene with Viki and I instantly LOVE him! Put him in scene after scene with Viki, Blair, Tea, Starr, Tina, or Jessica! That alone will make me buy any direction you want to write his character.

I'm watching this show so different now. I almost can't enjoy it. It is sad and I feel so bad for the actors =(


My2Cents2 said...

I am watching the show differently now too. Almost like I don't care.
The show was written to continue on. So however this show ends, it was not (I believe) how they writers would have wanted to end things.

Nora..Gets on my nerves. She has for years. STFU!!!

Mindy I do have a quesion. Since I ff thru all the kid stuff, how did Rick end up in the hospital? What did I miss?

mindymoe said...

Last week the kids were upset at Rick for leaking the fake story about Nate and Starr sleeping together. So at the end of the episode it showed all 4 coming after Rick with items, ready to beat his butt!

He said they "attacked" him and put him in the hospital. However, flashbacks showed the kids putting down their "weapons" before even touching him because he was being a wimpy baby..LOL. So then he accidentally grabs a rose, gets thorns in his hand, starts freaking out, trips over something and injures himself at LaBoule. Silly and kinda stupid, but cute =)

My2Cents2 said...

OK thanks...I ff thru all that stuff. Just waiting on Cole! lol