Friday, November 18, 2011

Wasn't She Doing The Walk of Shame?

There is a super pregnant Destiny! Big Bro is taking Lamaze with her. He is disgusted by Destiny's breakfast choice of a chili cheeseburger and onion rings.

Good for OLTL for showing us Shane as he found out about Brody kidnapping Liam. He fills in Aubrey about his kidnapping and how Brody used to be his dad. History! Use it and you can't go wrong!

Clint and Viki are in the nursery with Ryder. They are discussing Liam and recent events. After Shane shows up, we see Mr. Buchanan bond with his grandson.
Roxy is taking care of injured Nigel, the family's first "transponder." LOVE it!! Rox complains about the amount of healthy food in Viki's kitchen. "So much tomato juice. Is there a ball coming up?" Ha! Shout out to the Go Red Ball! Talk about the old Nigel/Roxy pairing makes me smile =) =)

Ford and Jessica find out the news. Jessica is feeling sorry for Brody and blames herself. The head to Llanfair to be with the family. Leave it to Roxy to deliver this line "Wasn't she doing the walk of shame?" ROFL!!

Alex Olanov!! She is in the Brazilian doctor's office raising hell with everyone. What do ya know? Cutter recognizes her as his MOTHER!!! YES!

Ok, are becoming interesting. He goes to apologize to John and Marlena for Sami's tirade. This actor is really stepping up in this story. He looks truly distraught over Johnny's disappearance. I'm liking this A LOT!

Sami rips into Rafe. She does nothing to ease his guilt. She does the opposite and puts the blame on him, John, and Marlena.
EJ and Stefano! EJ accuses Stefano of not caring that Johnny is missing. Stefano reminds him that he lost a son, Tony. Stefano loves Johnny more than life itself...and this viewer can see that. I can also see the rage in the Phoenix's eyes when he vows to make someone pay if they harm a Dimera. 

Bo and Hope deliver devastating news to Sami before she hears about it from the media. A body was found that fits Johnny's description. 

OMG! I can't wait to see Friday's episode! The previews look amazing and heart wrenching at the same time. I have a feeling I will be raving about the performances of Mrs Sweeney and Mr Scott in my next post.


CareyN said...

Squeee. We were totally right about Alex!! I am spoiler free so I had no idea Tonja Walker was coming back, so I figured the name was just a plant for a potential future storyline. I did NOT expect to see her today. How cool.
You know, that means at one time, Cutter and Aubrey were step-Buchanans. LOL

CareyN said...

Oh, when Alex first showed up she was a federal agent, helping Bo find a missing Sarah. I wonder if they'll bring that up ??

mindymoe said...

You are right! At one point Cutter could've had his hands on the Buchanan fortune ;-)

My2Cents2 said...

WAIT...her brother is going to lamaze with Destiny? Why wouldn't she ask Shawn's gf, or Dani??
Her brother?? Really??