Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Let the Cat Out Of The Barn

Matthew knows he's going to be a father! He's quickly back to his bratty self when he blames Nora for making him become a father. LOL! I can't help but laugh. A bratty Matt is better than no Matt =) Mom responds with "Maybe you should've thought of that before having unprotected sex!" YES! You tell them Nora!

Todd is so childish around Viki. It is hilarious! He covers his face and refuses to take a phone call from John. Too funny! I wish Tina was thrown in the mix.

Clint and Viki!! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss Darn it!
Big mouth Roxy spills the beans to Natalie about John still loving her. Can she ever keep a secret? LOL.

Stupid Natalie has to go to the station and be bitchy to John. Can't she just accept that he loves her? He was being respectful by not telling you that all these months. Idiot!

Roxy almost interrupts a loving moment between Clint and Viki, but stops herself. She refuses to go 2 for 2 in messing up couples today. Oh Roxy! I'm gonna miss you =)

**BTW, Days of Our Lives is still kicking butt! I'm just in a bit of a soap depression since last week so I haven't been in the mood to blog much.


My2Cents2 said...

I laugh at that photo of Roxie & Gnat.
If that isn't Mother-Daughter I don't know what is!!!!

mindymoe said... true!