Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is Child's Play

Bo gets fired by the Non-Dorian Mayor. This leads to a heated exchange between Mayor and Nora. Mayor throws the first slap and Nora doesn't hesitate to return the favor. I couldn't help but notice the proud smirk on Bo's face when Nora's hand landed on her face...HEHEHE!
Todd and Tomas....please give me something more. My finger is on the fast-forward button. I haven't pressed it yet, but I want to. I don't like how Todd is acting. He has not been likable in the past week or so. Working with Baker is not helping.

Blair and Tea are a breath of fresh air! I love these enemies-turned-frenemies-turned-friends.
Porno Austin, er..Rick, leaked a fake story about a Nate/Starr affair. This had me laughing out loud. He brings such sleazy funniness to the show. Rick suggest Starr dangle Hope outside a window to get more publicity...ROFL!

Alex helps Cutter pull one over on Rex. She does look a little like Gigi in that wheelchair. They make a great mother/son pair. They can do a lot of damage around Llanview and I LOVE it! Rex falls for it (at least he wants Cutter to think he has fallen for it). He mentions "this crazy woman who got Erica Kane's face and tried to take over her life." Oh OLTL! I love how you know who your viewers are =)

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My2Cents2 said...

Careful Mindy not to love OLTL too much! The end could be near!!!