Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Llanview

I FINALLY got around to watching Friday's episode. I was dying to watch but it was next to impossible with all the Christmas festivities we had going on. I kept hearing about how good it was. here is what I thought:

OLTL did a great job having Shane listen to Jack's taped confession while Rex and Gigi watch the events. Stacy sure is a twisted psycho. Ahhh.....they know! She's really Gigi =) "My Gigi, My Gigi!" That made me cry and I'm not even a huge Rex/Gigi fan.

Finally John leaves Tea's house to go talk to Natalie. Of course the "talk" didn't happen. Shane called and interrupted with his Jack news.

The Manning toast to Victor! I loved it! We miss him too =( It doesn't get much cuter than little Sam. Aww...Victor left Christmas presents for Tea and Dani. Here come more tears.

Poor Jack. I can't help but feel bad for him. I think it's because I know the show is ending and there is really no time to redeem him. Todd was redeemed (along with dozens of other characters) so I just wish the same would happen for his son.
Viki and Clint are too cute =) They are like Clint: "Kim didn't write that letter." Viki: "Obviously not, it wasn't in crayon!" HA! A kiss! I agree will be a very Merry Christmas in Llanview.

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