Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's going on between you and your prisoner?

Arggg!!! I love you David, but why did you have to interrupt a possible Clint/Viki kiss? Didn't take too long for me to forgive him. He is full of endless entertainment. He makes sure Viki voted for Dorian and taunts Clint about not attending Nat's wedding because he is a felon. As much as I adore C&V, David does bring up some valid issues. HAHA! Dorian and David have Skype sex 10 times a day.

Does Viki's hair look a little Niki-ish? I think so. Did anyone else notice the grey hair patch on the back of David's head?

Classic Todd and Blair. In a love triangle with lots of yelling and accusations. YIPPY!! "Is he your hero? Is that why you like him? He's the exact opposite as me." Todd is bringing out the gun again. Oh geez....please don't shoot someone else.

Natalie sure looks miserable next to Brody. The longer he holds on to the truth, the more I dislike him.
David Vickers (the dog) has the paternity test again! I love that dog almost as much as his namesake =) Clint calls him a mutt and threatens to ship him off to Morocco like the other David Vickers. ROFL!

Oh Vimal! You want John's help finding Neela, but you are keeping him from his son. I wish he would just spill. His conscience gets the best of him and he decides to reveal all to McBain. As usual, he is interrupted by Rama. Then Brody overhears him tell her that he is spilling the beans to John once Neela is back home.

Jack shows up at the Sun and sends the whole staff home. Rama and Vimal meet there to talk about Neela. That jerk, Brody, locks them in Todd's office. Jack shows up to torch the place. Oh no! If they want us to accept Jack, they can't put another "accidental" murder on his hands! I guess Brody would be just as responsible....

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