Wednesday, November 2, 2011

She liked me! She really really liked me!

Sorry I didn't post about yesterday's shows. I was exhausted from Halloween and had a ton of cleaning up to do. I did watch while I cleaned =)

Clint, Tina, Viki, Todd, and Cord! All in one room. Even though it only lasted a little while, I LOVE you OLTL!!
Clint is all broken up over the fake letter from Kim. Cord is there to listen, but suggests that it is Viki that Clint really loves. Cord tells his Pa that he slept with Tina. Clint seems more upset about that than about Kim...LOL! Cord believes Tina's claims to turn over a new leaf. "...Until someone flashes some cash in front of her face" points out Pa.

We finally get to see Destiny! The pregnant teen is ready to give up on school. Nora lends a hand and helps Destiny with her essay.

Tomas is investigating Todd for Victor's murder. Blair accuses him of doing this because he is jealous of Todd. News flash Blair! "Not everything revolves around you!" YES! Go Tomas!

Tea is contesting Victor's will. The judge denies her. The will leaving everything to Irene is still valid. Since she is dead, everything goes to.....TINA CLAYTON LORD ROBERTS!!! Woohoo! The victorious Tina quietly sits and says "that seems fair." I don't know about "fair" but that sure seems entertaining =) Roger Howarth's face as Tina contemplates running The Sun is priceless! Then he finds out her dog is named David Vickers...LOL!

Awww.....Tina decides she IS going to change for Cord. She refuses the inheritance and turns it all over to Todd. Her brother and sister thank her and the 3 Lord siblings have a bonding moment. After which Todd sneaks over to Tea and insists she make Tina sign something before she changes her mind...ROFL!!

Cord runs out to find Tina. Viki spills about her good deed and the former marrieds kiss! I've said it before, but I'll say it again.....I LOVE you OLTL!!

Kate and Stefano are giddy about the thought of bringing down Madison, Victor, and Brady. Whoever created this couple is a freakin genius! I love an evil pair...hehehe ;-)
Abe and Lexi go visit Papa Dimera and his wife. Stefano insists he had nothing to do with the John situation. He then asks Abe to drop out of the Mayoral race. He offers to pull strings to make Abe the Governor instead.

Sami has a big problem with a Brady/Madison pairing. Madison overhears and puts the nosy Sami in her place! She keeps her nose out of Madison's business or she's fired! OUCH!!

Bo and Hope rummage through Alice's boxes and find a mysterious picture of a baby. A baby they do not recognize. There goes the camera zooming in on a photo in the Dimera mansion. It's a match!

**How 'bout the BIG revel yesterday? Henderson urges Victor to confess to Maggie that he arranged for Daniel's mother to get Maggie's eggs! EEEKK!


My2Cents2 said...

Where does Aubry live?? At Rex's??
How did Cutter get the letter from Kim off of Clints desk?

BB...rumor is afloating that he was in a bad car accident in October..and perhaps he was unable to work when he returned.
Nothing definate on what happened. His recast, looks like him!

mindymoe said...

I think she lives at Rex's. IDK? I forgot.

Little Bree was playing at Llanfair. She knocked some of grandpa Clint's mail into her halloween bag. Then Ford and Jess took her to the halloween party. She looked in it and threw it on the ground because it wasn't candy. Cutter found it on the ground.

I hope BB is ok!

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Mindy..only in soaps would that play out like that! No wonder I missed it!
With technology, wouldn't Kim of sent an email to Clint??

I hope BB is OK too, will let you know if I hear anything more. I do know the recast is a good resemblence to Cole.

My2Cents2 said...

Ohhhhh I have a question. I am having a senior moment.

Tina was known as Tina.....what when she came to town?? Then she switched to Lord. Who did the original last name belong to??

mindymoe said...

Kim can't send an e-mail from jail, At least I think she can't. I haven't been to jail so I don't know..Lol!

I don't know where that 1st name came from. I need to research her history. That is the name the judge read from the will. Good I'm curious.

My2Cents2 said...

Tina Clayton.
And YES prisoners do have access to computers!!
(Haven't been to prison) but I have read stories about those who are and the emails they send out.