Thursday, November 3, 2011

Successful daytime talk shows, completely obsolete

Vimal's sister shows up. Turns out she is a runaway. She is looking for a boyfriend who is a rich, wavy haired, ambitious, strong-willed American. In walks Jack! Maybe he needs a love interest. Let's try to make him likable =)

Marcie!! She talks a little pregnancy with Destiny and then tries to talk some love sense into John. Marcie is so genuine.

Ford, Jessica, Liam, and Princess David Vickers are adorable. Where does OLTL get their babies? They are the cutest little things on TV! I wonder what they will do with no Bree Williamson at PP? My wish is to recast with Erin Torpey. Who knows....
OMG! I love Todd so much! Talking to Jack about all that has changed in 8 years. "Successful daytime television talk shows, completely obsolete!" OLTL does not hold back and I LOVE it!! Our sneaky Manning swears to Jack that he did not kill his "father." Nice way to not lie to your son

Tea and Dani are a good mother/daughter match. They even look like family. Destiny stops by talking about pregnancy and Tea gets a look in her eyes. Oh Please!! Let there be a Victor/Tea baby in her belly.

As much as I loathe Natalie and Brody together, I LOVE any buildup to a soap wedding. Throw Roxy and Tina in the mix and the entertainment never stops. Tina shares her wedding story to Natalie. The one where she was going to marry Max, but said Cord's name at the altar. Roxy reminds us that she was married to Max. Now THAT was a crazy pairing!!

Natalie's dress is blah....not "wedding" enough in my opinion. But I like traditional cinderella gowns. Like the one she had when she married Cristian (if my memory is correct). Roxy tells her that the gown she wore when she was going to marry John was better..HA!

John "I swear Roxy, I'm getting a restraining order." Roxy "yeah, like you'd be the first." We need Roxy at PP. She is a riot! Hell, I want everyone to make the move to PP!

Nat is trying to practice her vows in the mirror but can't say Brody's name. John appears in the mirror! OOHH....goose bumps. This is reminding me of "old" Jolie. I love them when they first got together. As you can probably tell from my post...I love almost everything OLTL!!

As most of us predicted, Rafe is now working with Carrie to prove John's innocence. Sami and Austin will FLIP when they find out. I know Austin/Carrie/Sami are a bit "been-there-done-that" but I don't care. I think this will be good. Sami is a different Sami this time. The Sami/Rafe pairing is a serious one and Sami isn't trying to break anyone up. None of the 4 are trying to break the other couple up. This love triangle (or square) will be different....I hope ;-)
Bo and Hope have a beautiful, intimate vow-renewal ceremony. Still going strong after all these years!

I like how Chad used his last name to make the college kid spill about gambling on their website. I recognize that actor from somewhere. I'll have to google him.

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