Friday, November 4, 2011

You wanna be a toilet brush with legs?

Louie makes his way back to Llanview with Todd's gun. He wants to take the gun to the police. Todd asks him not to. In walks Tomas.

Jack and Neela bond. Let's see where this goes. Hopefully it's good. They seem ok together right now, but it's too early to tell.

Tea talks to Victor. I hope she is preggo =) After a talk with her brother she decides to find the answer. Time to break out the EPT! Please be a + sign.

The more I watch Jess and Ford, the more bummed out I get. What are they going to do when Bree Williamson leaves? I am really enjoying this couple. They are cute with Princess David Vickers.
Oh Natalie! Who cares about his phone buzzing. Let John finish his sentence darn it! Spit it out already! UGH! Rama interrupts, then Brody.  They are never going to catch a break =( Poor John. I feel so bad for the guy. I hate you Brody!


My2Cents2 said...

I don't think I ever saw John so 'tongue tied' in all the years on the show.
Since I do not like the character of Natalie, let her have Brody. She deserves nothing better!!!!!
I don't read much spoilers for this show, but something tells me, the truth is about to come out. Its sweeps time.

Is Bree moving to Ca in hope of more acting?? Or is she done??
She will be missed. I love her with Ford and I can't imagine them apart. I do see her going looney again, and putting her 'away' until a recast can be done. IF a recast is done. I guess that depends on the success of PP.

Which brings me to the point, what the heck is going on?? How do we view it? Do we pay? Why is there no advertising for it?
Am I the only clueless one??

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I though I saw that Bree may be coming to Port Charles...Maybe a LuLu replacement if Julie leaves.

mindymoe said...

Cents--From what I've heard, we will not have to pay to view OLTL. I don't know much else. I wonder if they aren't allowed to advertise while it is still on ABC. Who knows?

Anon--That is interesting. I wonder if it is true. I feel kinda protective of my OLTL peeps. I hope she doesn't go to GH where they will waste her talent.

My2Cents2 said...

NO Bree isn't going to GH..

I don't know why they wouldn't advertise, abc still will be getting a CHUNK of the pie!!!

Keep us posted!

Ohhh Mindy...I go to another forum as you want me to put your webaddress on if I post one of your postings?? Do you want the traffic??

mindymoe said...

That would be awesome Cents! Would love to have more people visit =)

My2Cents2 said...

OK what I will do is copy your postings along with your website.

Did you send your email out yet about Jax?? lol