Monday, November 7, 2011

One line, or two?

Jack and Neela are kinda cute. Poor Neela doesn't want to be turned in to a "baby factory." Vimal is freaking out! He thinks she was kidnapped and will be sold into slavery. Rama talks some sense in to him and tries to make him realize she probably met a boy.
Sam is so adorable. He calls Tea his Second Mom =)  Ewww....Sam finds the pregnancy test stick and is playing with it. I hope it was clean...LOL! Never understood these soap women walking around with used pregnancy tests. I find that weird....maybe it's just me.

Aww...Todd says Sam is the closest thing he has to a friend. The little one is making Manning feel guilty for killing Victor. I know he really didn't kill Vic. I refuse to believe it!

John gives Bo his 2 weeks notice. He says he wants to live closer to Michael and Marcie. Especially now that she is pregnant again. Bo knows it is all about Natalie. He allows John to leave the job immediately. Oh no!

Stupid Natalie won't listen to Jessica! That sneaky pup, David Vickers. Why did he have to go and hide that DNA test? Nat went off on her sister. Stuff like this makes me hate Natalie! She is so dumb! Get your own test and prove Jess wrong if you are so sure she is lying. Keep telling yourself that you will have a happily ever after. That won't make it true! P.S. Your wedding dress is ugly!

YAY!! Tea is pregnant! Prospect Park, I am BEGGING you to get TSJ back. Please! Please! Please!

Oh Hell No!! They have started the Revolution ads. Time for them to try and shove another show down our throats. suck!

UGH...I can't stand Melanie! I wish she would shut up and think about Daniel's feelings instead of her own. I'm still annoyed that she is Maggie's granddaughter. Oh well. Daniel gets confirmation (by that he is definitely Maggie's son.

Maggie and Victor are getting the final preparations complete for their wedding. She asks him to inform her of any secrets he might be hiding before they say "I do."

Jack is having flashbacks from his days in captivity. Looks like he suffered during that time. Jennifer talks/sings him back to reality. Lots of beautiful words to Jack. I love the old J&J! Daniel who?

The bad weather in Salem is causing some couple to get stranded. Late night at the office for Brady and Madison will turn in to an all night session. The campaign strategy meeting between EJ and Nicole promises the same =)
Nic freaks about being stuck at the Dimera mansion. EJ teases her about not being able to trust herself around him. HA! Ain't that the truth =) After endless complaining and attacks on EJ, he shuts her up with a kiss. Predictably (in a good way) she doesn't push him away and they start tearing off clothes.


My2Cents2 said...

I posted your OLTL stuff on SoapOpera Network. Hopefully you will get responses or viewers.

Also...someone dies in Landview next month.
I am thinking Jessie. Gee I hope I am wrong, but how else will she be written off? Death or mental illness?

Anonymous said...

Jack is the worst actor on soaps these days..why do they keep him?
Does he work for free?

mindymoe said...

LOL Anon

mindymoe said...

Thanks Cents! I hope it's not Jessica =(