Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Carry A Checkbook In Your Robe?

Cole or Ford. Who died? The answer is.....

Not clear at first. RIP Cole on the cover of the newspaper. Wait....Starr tells Dani that he is NOT dead! Now Jessica is sitting on the floor with Ryder talking about how his daddy is gone.

Flashbacks to the doctors telling Jess and James that Bobby died. UGH....I know I said I wasn't sure who I wanted to survive, but I hate that Jessica has to lose another love and raise another father-less child. Natalie shows up to comfort her sister.
As Starr explains all to her sis, we get a flashback to the hospital. Cole survived and will soon be transferred back to Statesville. Starr wants to help him escape. Blair is having none of it, because he killed someone. In front of Todd, Starr says, "Dad killed someone and he's still walking around."LMBO!! You Go Starr!! Even with that insult, Todd helps Starr by helping to find Patrick and Marty.

I really don't like that Starr is fake mourning Cole while James is really mourning his brother. She should be there comforting him! It's really making me sick to tell you the truth. Even if she doesn't love him, she should still care that he lost his brother. Kristin Alderson has been awesome lately, but I don't like how her character is acting today. The fans on twitter were FURIOUS at her today. Then when she finally showed up to see James....she look uninterested in comforting him. He immediately dumps her!

Todd's scar looks extra "scar-ish" today. Right? Or is it just me? John and Tea get his phone and are feel like they are close to busting him for murdering Victor.

Clint said Allison got her special powers from Oprah...Bwahahahaha! He and Viki keep the secret about the twins from John and Natalie. They want to make sure it is true first. Who do they call for help? Vimal..lol. He agrees after Viki asks him to do it. Clint pays him LOTS of money to make up for the past. Vimal jokes about testing Natalie's DNA instead of Jessica's...."Too Soon?" HAHA!


CareyN said...

Yes, Todd's scar was darker, and even bigger looking yesterday. I read an interview with OLTL makeup a long time ago, and they said they alter his scar from time to time depending on if Todd is being "bad" or "good". So I guess he's being very bad these days.

My2Cents2 said...

Todd's scar differs day to day. Some days I don't even see it.

Why can't I remember the Dr telling Jessing, yet another baby daddy died?? SICK that he died. SICK.

HATED Mondays show, I liked Tuesday.
Of course Star only lOVES Cole!
James was a 'fill in'. Liked that ending.

So glad my Clint/Vicki are alive to enjoy the rest of their years together. So we really have 2 days to find Tomas and send Todd tojail?

CareyN said...

Hey Cents, Yes I too am thrilled about Clint and Viki. I am just praying that Friday's show ends with a cameo/cliffhanger of Trevor St John as Victor Jr (not a ghost) because I just can't believe Todd could have killed him. What a way to end the show. (Esp since they thought it was going online ASAP.) If it doesn't end that way, that's how it'll end in my head. Like, how in my head, Ford didn't die and he'll get to become a great father for Ryder and Bree. :D

My2Cents2 said...

Don't hold your breath about Victor. I read on another site he stated he will NOT be making an appearance. I am curious if that was a 'trick' or is he telling the truth?

I am sick over Ford.
He was an example of a man. He did what he had to do, to be a father.
Even dressing up in a hotdog union form for work!

CareyN said...

I'm sure you're right about TSJ/Victor, but, like I said, in my head he is alive and Irene has him and Todd is innocent...well, of that crime at least. (I'm a professional writer/editor so it's easy for me to change soap story lines in my head and then believe them!)

And yes, I totally agree about Ford. His redemption was beautifully done and he knocked his emotional scenes out of the park. Don't know the actor's name, but I'm sure he has a big career ahead of him.

And oh! I forgot to compliment the actor who plays Nate. He wowwed me yesterday with his grief. Who knew he could act?! I was surprised, but maybe emotions were all generally running high on set that week?

My2Cents2 said...

Did you just read the BREAKING NEWS? Check out Karen's blog.
Todd isn't going to jail

CareyN said...

yeah, I saw that. Glad to hear it, guess that means I'll have to start watching GH again. (haven't really watched in months and will probably still FF thru most of the show.)

My2Cents2 said...

I would give it another month. Right now its pitiful to watch

mindymoe said...

Ahhh...that's interesting about the makeup on Todd's Scar. Thanks for the info CareyN!

I am upset about Jess losing another love too, Cents. Seems so cruel to do that to her. Looks like Todd won't be going to jail though.

I hope it ends with a TSJ appearance too. Maybe if we don't see him, it can end with STRONG evidence telling us he is alive.

I'm struggling to watch GH right now. I try every day and only last about 10-15 minutes. I will give it a couple of weeks then start again. Hope our OLTL characters don't get damaged by Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Jason. We shall see....

My2Cents2 said...

Ewwwwww...Starr & Michael??
Blair vs Carly??

Will it be good enough to draw ratings up and not get cancelled?
At least it appears tptb are trying.

mindymoe said...

I can't stomach Michael. But maybe Starr can make him likable. Blair vs Carly would be awesome! I'm sure Sonny will have sex with Blair at some point. Can u imagine Carly and Todd scheming against them!! THAT would rock the hell out of GH!!

My2Cents2 said...

Why couldn't they have done something with Shane's hair today???????????????????

mindymoe said...

Lol....that damn hair gets on my nerves!

My2Cents2 said...

This was there 'swan song' today.
Who is left for tomorrow? Tomas, Todd, Blair and WTF is Starr leaving Hope???????????????