Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fraternity Row--A Fond Farewell

John and Natalie "afterglow." John says they took so long to get together, because they are idiots...HA! Natalie gets up and gets Liam ready to go watch Fraternity Row at Llanfair. John asks her when she will be "home." YAY! They are finally really together =)

DAVID!!! He's broken-hearted over "Boy with Chipmunk Tattoo" failure. Judith Light snubbed him at the Fraternity Row wrap party! Someone also hacked his Wikipedia

Finally Bo and Nora are putting their foot down and demanding that Matthew step up and take care of his child! YES!! But the only one to get through to him is big brother David. "Buchanan or not, I don't want to be around you."

Rex, Gigi, and Shane are moving in to the Buchanan London compound. Gigi is already jealous that Kelly will be there. Can hair/makeup please cut Shane's hair? It is annoying the crap out of me! Clint and Rex have a father/son hug. :tears: Rex and Natalie's could see the sadness in both. Then the goodbye with Bo....ugh!

Starr is moving to Los Angeles. I'm so upset that they killed Robert Ford and not Cole now! Why keep Cole alive if there is no SOLE reunion? Anyway....enough of my Little Sam hears the news and asks Starr if she still loves them. Awwww...that kid is too cute for words! Typical Todd (who I love) won't let her go without a fight. He finally gives in and they all say their goodbyes.

The scene with Todd/Blair/Starr hugging....OMG! Everyone leaves and Todd stays behind with Blair. RH is crying. I mean REALLY crying. Blair said that is what she has been waiting for. "You've been waiting for me to have boogers?" LOL!
Destiny and Shaun join Roxy and Nigel for the final episode of Fraternity Row. The rest of the Evans family shows up. We find out that Schuyler Joplin and Greg Evans were heroes in the Statesville prison break. Roxy is glad to hear about her son. Shaun and Vivian make up and kiss =)

Agnes "Dixon" is on The Blanca Morales show at the Fraternity Row creator. I am in tears =( OMG! That woman is a genius. My heart breaks for her.

Blanca does a Viki interview about Megan. She is summing up FR and in turn summing up OLTL! They show our beloved characters as she discusses the soap world. "The audience may be upset when a favorite actors leaves, but they are always willing to welcome a new one (even when that new cast member is quite different from the one being replaced)" shows Blair. ROFL. Viki talks about the love for soaps being passed down my grandparents. "Tune in Tomorrow!" OMG....I'm hysterical right now (like Roxy).

Clint says the idiot Fraternity Row writers will probably end the show with a stupid DNA he waits for Jessica's test. HA! OLTL music paling over Clint's loving speech to Jess and Nat. Both girls are obviously fighting back tears. Me...not so much. I'm a basket case.

The shocking ending on Fraternity Row....Lorraine is a man! HAHA! Little Sam "What's a sex change?" =)

Agent Baker is taking a break from hold in Tomas hostage to watch FR. He is so distracted that Tomas gets his chance to knock him out! Tomas makes his way to John's and reunites with his sister.

Destiny's water breaks while she is at the Buchanan Mansion!

NICE! Zoom in to a classic picture of Asa Buchanan!

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