Friday, January 6, 2012

No Ice For You Psychopath!

YAY! Bo is ok! He shoots Troy's hand. Viki and Clint are ok. Allison shot an expensive vase instead.

Oh hell! Cole is shot. A chandelier smashes Ford.

Lindsay and Nora are both holding guns on Troy. Nora is surprised to learn that Lindsay could've run but chose to warn Bo instead. They decide to forgive each other. B&N volunteer to testify on her behalf. Aww....I love them!

Bo sends Lindsay (with his car) for an ambulance. Why would he need an ambulance?? AHHHH....Bo was shot! No!! Lindsay probably ran. BUT....Troy is still there...and he is a doctor ;-) The Troy/Nora scene with her begging for his help was.....WOW!! Hillary Smith rocked that!

Starr punches the heck out of Hannah for shooting Cole. Was that a "proud daddy" smirk I saw on Todd's face? Todd helps Cole then stays with Hannah. He tells Starr not to worry, he'll be ok, and "maybe I'll shoot her." HA! Instead they have a semi-heart-to-heart where Todd almost confesses to killing Victor.

Starr..."A world without Cole just doesn't make sense." Tears, Tears, and more Tears!

Ford looks awful! Poor Jessica =( She can't lose another love. Mitch lets Jessica take for to the hospital. John watches as Mitch vows to take Natalie and maker her his wife. Jolie lock eyes and John takes the difficult shot. He shoots Mitch! He and Natalie embrace and KISS!!
UGH!!  I am on the edge of my seat with this Allison stuff. Just spit it out! What is the secret about the Buchanan twins? OOhhh she finally spilled! Jessica AND Natalie are both Clint's daughters!!!!! YES!! Allison made it up to satisfy Mitch all those years ago. "Remember when you were pregnant?....this would be Viki." ROFL!

NOOOO!!  Allison shoots Viki and then does a happy dance! Clint reaches for the phone. Before he can dial, he falls over next to Viki holding his chest. They can't die without telling Jessica that she is Clint's daughter!

I was literally in tears as Starr sang. John/Natalie, Cole, Ford brothers, Jessica, Viki/Clint, Bo/Nora, Troy, Todd/Blair. OMG! I love this show!!

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