Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slutty McSlutSlut

Nora and Lindsay flashback! Back to when she was going to inject her with the mind-erasing drug. Troy is about to inject her with the same. "Nora.....I'm still a doctor." HA! Lindsay walks in just before he tries to inject her and claims to have killed Bo. Troy is smiling from ear to ear as Bo comes behind him.  He takes Dr MacIver down.

Nora thanks Lindsay! Never thought that would happen. Of course Ms Lindsay responds with "you really wanna thank me? How bout a pardon?" Oh I love that blonde =)

Troy wakes up and attacks Bo. Both are armed and a shot is fired!

Sam is beyond adorable! But why did he have to tell James about Cole? After James leaves to Find Starr and Cole, fugitive Hannah shows up at LaBoule. Sam tells her to "take a hike" and then he bites her! LOL! In comes Todd! She wants Sole or she will "start blowing holes in this one (Sam) till there is nothing left but the glasses." OMG! That was an awesome line. But I love my little Sam and I know nothing will happen to the cutie.

James interrupts Starr and Cole just in time to hear him declare his love for her. James guilts Cole into leaving so Starr will stay out of trouble. The 3 go to the house to say bye to Hope and they walk in on Hannah/Todd/Sam drama. Cole tries to get Hannah to release Sam by pretending to want to run away with her. She decides to shoot star but the little deputy kicks her and causes her to fall. Todd saves Sam and Hannah fires!

Ford comes to Llanfair looking for Jessica. Clint and Viki fill him in on Jessie wanting to exchange herself for Nat. He is FURIOUS and goes after his love =)

Psycho Mitch wants Natalie to give him a child. Eww! John shows up as Mitch is about to rape Nat. In walks Jessica soon after. She convinces him to release Natalie as she goes towards him. Her greeting to her daddy? Spit in the face! He's going to kill his deceiving daughter when Ford busts in and attacks Mitch. They struggle for a gun, John aims his gun....a shot is fired!
Allison Perkins! She quotes Oprah to Clint and Viki...LOL! She is angry at Mitch and claims to be the person behind the breakout. She has some "revelations." Allison has me cracking up! She called Natalie Slutty McSlutSlut and Jessica Coo Coo. "Twin sisters by different Misters!" Oh Hell! She is hinting about  Jess and Nat's paternity. PLEASE PLEASE let Clint be the their dad! EEEE.....I can't wait to find out! Of course it's not that easy. Allison decides not to tell her secret and aims to shoot Viki and Clint. They hold hands and declare their love before she shoots. "Goodbye Viki! It's been real!"

4 Shots fired! Who dies? Who lives? OMG!! I'm dying to see the next episode!

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