Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That's One Paternity Test You Couldn't Change

It's Troy! "I've missed you, Nora!" Creepy..lol. I've miss YOU, Ty Treadway! Where's Lindsay? I want to see Lindsay! She better have busted out of that prison. Troy is still in love with Nora after all this time. Nora uses the oldest trick in the book to buy time with him while Bo comes to her rescue. She pretends to be interested in sleeping with him. HA!
There is NuCole. He really looks like Brandon Buddy from behind. He not too bad. I like this nuCole. Not as much as BB, but it's better than no Cole at all. Aww...little Hope walks in. "Daddy!" Cole knows about Patrick being alive!

Who's is the captured prison break ring-leader? Mitch Lawrence.....not really. Did we really think he would get caught that easy? The captured prisoner has a pretty messed up face. An unrecognizable, bandaged face. Mr. Evans thinks it is Mitch, but instead Mitch is paying a visit to Natalie.

It slipped my mind that Nat and Mitch were married. He mentions Jared and she goes for his throat. She's no match for Mr. Evil who is looking for his Jessie. Clint shows up. Mitch wants Jessica in exchange for Natalie. There's a struggle that leaves Clint on the ground =(

I really could have done without the Todd and Blair stuff today. Oh well....everything else ROCKED today!

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