Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Heed The Messenger

Bo is too late to help Nora. He alerts officers of her kidnapping. When he goes to look out the window he sees LINDSAY!! Oh I love Catherine Hickland =) The "Bo&Nora4EVR" license plate in Bo's living room was a wedding gift from Lindsay! HAHA!!
Nora is still playing along and pretending to want Troy. He catches on and she tries to let him down easy. Troy thinks she only married Bo because he wasn't available. Troy has a bag. A bag with a syringe! He's going to make Nora "forget" about her love for Bo.

Little Sam catches Cole and wants to arrest him..LOL. The little deputy ends up covering Cole. It was kind of weird hearing NuCole tell Star he loves her. But that Kiss! That kiss had sparks!

Mitch spares Clint when Natalie agrees to leave with him. He calls Viki and wants to trade Natalie for Jessica. Jessie overhears and volunteers to be used as bait.

Dang! Mitch slapped Natalie in the face with the Bible. ROFL!

Someone on Twitter suggested getting Mitch Lawrence's voice saying "Hello Victoria" as their ringtone. LOL....that would creep me out!

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My2Cents2 said...

I am HATING this show and the acting right now. SAD because it was on such a good roll