Friday, January 13, 2012

One Life To Live--We Will Miss You

I don't even know where to begin with this episode. The finally episode. The episode that just gave me chills, made me bawl my eyes out, and has my heart pounding!!

We begin with Alison Perkins narrating the story. She is in a room reading a script out loud titled "One Life to Live" that she has written. She is not alone in the room. My mind is going CRAZY trying to figure out who it is. She refers to herself as the "genius" Alison Perkins in the script! LMBO!!

Starr arrives in LA. Markko and Langston!! This immediately made me cry. Nice HUGE VickerMan poster! Glad she and Langston talked about Ford's death. RC doesn't miss a beat! She lets Markko and Lang in on the Cole secret. A man shows up at the door with a "bodyguard" for Starr, sent by Todd. It is COLE!! He saw Marty and Patrick, but wanted to return to his family. The fab 4 have a sweet reunion!

Destiny is about to push out that baby. No time for a hospital. Good thing her OB is there. Matthew shows up just in time. His face looked green as soon as they told him Destiny was in labor. There are so many one-liners from these scenes. So many! "You couldn't tell the baby to wait till we get to the hospital?" "I wanna go home and do this later!" Shaun's face when Destiny started pushing!! HILARIOUS!! Before you know it, we have a beautiful baby boy Buchanan. Bo calls David and thanks him for talking to Matthew. He tells him that was the best thing he ever did for the family. Of course David has to bring the funny and asks Bo to have Matthew name the baby David. ROFL! Matthew decides to name the boy after his other brother Drew. Oh! My! Word! The TEARS!!!! Bo, Matthew, Nora!! Matthew's tears are STREAMING as he looks at his son and says "Happy Birthday Drew!" OMG!

Bo goes to get the car. Before leaving he turns around, looks at Nora while fighting back tears, and says in a cracking voice "I love you, Red!" The OLTL theme song plays. OH HELL!! I am crying even more as I type this. Robert Woods is killing me!
Viki and Clint open the DNA test just as Jessica and Natalie walk in. I can see Erika Slezak fighting back tears ALL episode long. Clint tells Jess that he is her bio dad. Immediate tears for Jessica! Immediate tears for me! Especially when she says "Daddy!!" "My kids! They are your grandchildren!" She lovingly tells Natalie, "Finding you was the best thing that has ever happened to me." My heart =)

Brody shows up to say goodbye to Jessica and offer his condolences about Ford. He is moving with some Navy buddies. Says he will always be there for Jess if she needs anything. My guess.....Day 1 with Prospect Park was going to explain Jessica's absence by having her leave Llanview to be with Brody.

Clint drops to one knee and proposes to Viki! The OLTL theme song is appropriately playing. Chills!!!
Tea and John fill in Tomas on the Blair/Todd closeness. He is furious and wants Todd to pay. John quickly gets a warrant to arrest Todd.

Blair and Todd finally hit the sheets. "I Love You's" are exchanged. She is talking over and over about how much she can trust him. Poor Blair. Always a fool for love. As they are basking in the afterglow, John busts in the door and says "Todd Manning, you are under arrest for the murder of Victor Lord, Jr."

The final scene....we see Alison and the person she is speaking to. It is Victor Lord, Jr!!! TREVOR FREAKIN ST. JOHN!!!!!! He is being held captive by Alison!! OMG!!!! I am going INSANE!!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!! I have my Soap Digest right next to me with TSJ on the cover talking about why he didn't return to OLTL. I am so Giddy right now!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE tell me that 1 of the other 2 OLTL actors rumored to be moving to General Hospital is TSJ! I am twirling!!!
One Life to Live, Viki, TSJ were all trending on Twitter in the US! OLTL was also trending worldwide!!


My2Cents2 said...

Words can not express the fantastic show on Friday. Couldn't have ended better if you think about it.

Cliffhangers......awesome material for GH to pick up on, should they choose to go that route. That would sure gain viewership!!
If TSJ comes over too, without a doubt, GH is going nowhere. jmo

Destiny had that baby quick. Very quick! Whatever, I can't wait to see what GH has in mind for merging these 2 shows.

Ratings last week. GH came in last in every category!

mindymoe said...

I have watched the last 2 episodes a few times already. They were THAT good =) I literally screamed when I saw TSJ! I can't get over how wonderful that was.

GH has been unwatchable for a while now. It is filled with newbies who have crappy stories and can't act. That is why I don't understand these GH fans being upset with OLTL characters coming. They will not take away from the GH cast anymore than those newbies are already. At least they know they are getting people who can act, as well the fans that come along with them. I will be over the moon if TSJ comes to GH!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Over at GH2 there was an interview done with Ron very recently.
Perhaps its just me, but reading between the lines, he plans on bringing GH back. Not write a farewell. But write a dynamite show.

As far as TSJ goes, never say never. OMG I have to take oltl off my dvr today. Looking forward to the new writing. Apparently Jawn already started taping.

I guess this is good-bye to you column :( as well....see you on GH side!

My2Cents2 said...

For those of you who believe in Raven, here is a post of hers.

'Hey Guys, Two more major OLTL stars on their way to GH! More than just an influx now (I'm dancing in the street)! Ok, so I am really dancing around my room instead, but who cares! I can't give you names (told mums the word until the announcement is ready to be made)! As sad as I am over the loss of my favorite show (sad would be an understatement), at least I get to see the people I love the most live on after tomorrow. I'll take what I can get right now. This may not be announced right away, but I'm told it's pretty much a done deal (Huge Faves)! Yay! ♥♥♥ '

She later goes on to more or less to say it is TSJ. Now this will be interesting if she is right.

My2Cents2 said...

Hey Guys,

Remember the hints I gave you yesterday about the two more on their way to GH from OLTL? Many of you guessed Trevor St John (especially after what I reminded you about today along with the hints from yesterday). I told you again and again that Victor was not dead, Todd did not kill him, and that you would see him again before the show closed (we have come full circle today). Dry those eyes my fellow Trevor St John fans.. You will have reason to smile here very soon! You heard it here first (get ready)!


Now I for one, do NOT believe that Raven knows first anything, so lets see if she proves me wrong@!