Monday, January 9, 2012

I Want My Damn Heart Back

Gabrielle! Luna! Megan! They narrate the first part of the show. Gabrielle and Luna don't like Blair because of Max. They even bicker a little over him...LOL!
Good call Natalie! Make John double check that Mitch is dead. And of course he is NOT! At least not until Natty puts a few bullets in him. "Burn in Hell!" Go Nat!! She said she is glad it was her that killed him. She did it for Jared! Oh...I miss Jared =(

Natalie immediately calls Jessica to let her know Mitch is dead. Jessie urges her twin to go home and check on Clint and Viki. Good thing she listened! John and Nat find them near death.

Ford is in bad shape. Looks like the Grim Reaper is carrying him away. Is he going to hell?'s his daddy! The Ford's argue over who is worse. Daddy rubs it in his face that Ford is a rapist for what he did to Jessica. Bobby says he is a better person now that he has Ryder and Jessica. He stands up to his dad and shoves him in the fire pit of hell. He escapes looking for help.

Luna comes in to the hospital and takes Cole to Heaven as Starr watches over him. Cole recognizes her as the Angel in Angel Square. Cristian mention =) Marty mention =) Cole is ready to give up because Starr doesn't love him and Hope will grow to be ashamed of him. He throws open the doors to heaven. Then his body begins to flatline. I love Cole, but he was always impulsive and stupid. That's why he ended up in jail.

Kristen Alderson is doing a PHENOMENAL job! Starr begs Cole to live. She confesses her love for him just as James walks by to hear it! AHHH.....I have goose bumps!

Troy and Nora are trying to save Bo when he says "Gabrielle." Gabby reaches out and he goes with her to Heaven. I adored Bo and Gabrielle's relationship. He tells her that he tried to save her. She mentions spending time with Matthew when he "died" on Thanksgiving.

Gabrielle is cracking me up! she is dancing around Bo and trying to seduce him into staying with her. HAHA! Love it! It almost works, but he hears Nora begging him not to leave her. He lets Gabby down easy and goes back to Nora!

Megan takes her mother. OMG the look on Viki's face when she saw Megan did it for me! Bring on the tissues. Viki is ready to give up. But then she suddenly remembers the secret Alison told her about Jessica. Megan still tries to convince her to stay in Heaven. She mentions having to leave Jake =( Ah, Jake & Megan. That was a hell of a couple (no pun intended) =)

Where is Clint? It's's HELL! Stacy is there. "Stacy Morasco...and I want my damn heart back!" ROFL! She is on a stripper pole. Wearing some devil red stilettos. abs hurt from laughing. Stacy reminds Clint why he is not going to Heaven. Our stubborn Buchanan puts his foot down and refuses to go to Hell! He is determined to give Jessica the "best gift ever" by telling her she is not the child of a monster like Mitch. Love this Stacy line..."Well, Christmas is over Santa Clause!"

Clint pushes Stacy aside and finds his way to Viki just as she is about to follow Megan to Heaven. He asks her to stay with him now that they have found each other again. She tells Megan she isn't ready and (I begin to cry runs into Clint's arms. They both wake up in Llanfair and look at one another =)

Mitch knows he is dead and is prepared to serve the Lord. if he would get anywhere NEAR Heaven! Instead he is met with Stacy and Daddy Ford. The final blow to the "messenger" was given by Stacey as she informs Mitch..."Alison fooled you. Jessica's not your daughter!" WOOHOO!!

Ford finds his way to Cole and Luna. He begs for her help just as Cole hears Starr confess her love for him. Starr, James, Jessica, Todd, and Blair eagerly await news on the men. The doctors come out and we hear Luna's voice say she could only save one.

WOW! I am loving every minute of this show! I have no clue who will dies. It's a toss up for me. On one hand I don't want Cole, a character with legendary parents, to die now that Starr has confessed her love for him. Poor Hope needs her daddy. On the other hand I don't want Jessica to lose another love. Bobby has grown on me lately and I love him with Jess, Bree, and Ryder. Also I'm thinking about James. He is obviously going to lose Starr. That would kill him to lose his brother too. I guess we will find it all out tomorrow!


Kat said...

I loved today's show, I can not believe they cancelled it. I so want Ford to live. I always liked Cole but James is much more stable. Gabby was so non-angel that it made me sick, that was stupid. I agree witan you, after they cancel GH I am done with soaps.

mindymoe said...

She was very

CareyN said...

I want them both to live!! And I think they will. (If they don't I will just re-write the ending in my head!)

I want Ford to live because I really like him! Aside from his smokin' abs, I think his redemption story has been one of the best on daytime in a long time. He's very "real" for a fictional character. I've know quite a few guys who turn their lives around after having kids and it's nice to see with Ford. Plus, I don't want Jess and the Ford brothers to have to lose him right at the end of the show. :(

I also want Cole to live but not really because I like him. In my dream world, Patrick and Marty sneak into the hospital and take him away with them so he doesn't have to go back to jail. This way, I get to see Patrick and Marty together and happy (read: Alive and Sane, respectively) with their son. And then the door is open for Starr and Hope to see him and spend time with him in the future. I don't want Shorty and Peanut to have to live without Cole! (Me, I can take him or leave him). But yeah, KA is rocking her very emotional scenes. And I want to see her smile!

My2Cents2 said...

I am the only one who couldn't get into Monday??? Haven't watched yet today.

mindymoe said...

I agree with everything you said about Ford, CareyN! So sad with today's outcome. I felt really bad for Jess, Ryder, James, and Nate. I was rooting for Ford a little more than Cole. Now if Marty and Patrick were to make an appearance, then I would've wanted Cole to live...without a doubt!

I was totally in to Monday's show Cents. I loved every minute of it. Today.....ummm...not so much. But I will take what I can get. IMO a blah day on OLTL still KILLS other soaps (GH, anyone?)!