Friday, January 13, 2012

I Pity The Fool Who Took This Soap Off The Air!

The View's OLTL was wonderful! Whoopi begins the show with this statement, "I pity the fool who took this soap off the air!" YES! YES! YES!

Robin Strasser comes out dressed like Dorian! Viki/Dorian flashbacks! Nathan Fillion makes a video appearance. Flashbacks with his Joey and Dorian. She says she will sleep with Nathan Fillion for free...HA! RS says working with Erika Slezak was like going in the ring with a black belt champion. They are already in tears and you can tell how much they love each other. Oh, my heart is breaking. RS will miss ES and the clothes the most.

Clint!! Robin is feeling up Jerry VerDorn...HA! He says God must love him for allowing him to work with RS and ES.

Laurence Fishburne talk OLTL! Flashback to his time on the soap as a boy =)

The 1992 meeting of Bo and Nora! Chemistry from the beginning! Sherri is having a heart attack sitting next to "Bo Buchanan!!" Too cute =) Erika Slezak pushed for the show to hire Robert Woods. Hillary B Smith talks about her "woodsies." Cups that covered her boobs when she worked w/Robert. I'm dying over the Bo/Nora Little Richard wedding flashbacks! RW gave HBS a rubber chicken as a gift on the last day of taping...LOL!

I've always loved Max & Blair! They drove Todd and Gabrielle NUTS!! The DePaiva's are so beautiful. Kassie was jealous over the loves scenes James had. She calls herself an "aging slut!" LMBO! Blair/Todd talk! Tina/Max wedding! She says Cord's name. Andrea Evans walks out! I LOVE this!

Judith Light courtroom scene! Classic! Classic! Judith talks about never wanting to do soaps and looking down on the genre before she saw how hard they worked. Who's the Boss talk =)

The hour was perfect...until the end when we were subjected to the voice over ad for the Revolution. Very Classy ABC, very classy!


My2Cents2 said...

Today's View, (Whoopie's comment) was brilliant. KUDOS Whoopie!!

I cried like a baby. Flashbacks took me back in time as well.
Naming new baby Drew. Cole. Todd. Victor. Vicki & Clint and the girls.
Everything about todays last show was brilliant. There were no mistakes made imo.

I will say, I learned something to day. Never believe an actor when he 'swears' to something. Trevor in an article I read recently, 'SWORE' he was not in any final scene. Aha. :)

I can't wait for these brilliant, talented people (behind the scenes) to get to GH.
99% of viewers think GH is over.
I am the 1% who thinks GH is just beginning.

Now I will go watch todays CRAP!

mindymoe said...

Wasn't today just awesome!?! I cried like a baby too. Jessica, Bo, Matthew, Langston, Viki....they all had me sobbing!

TSJ!!! OMG! I have my Soap Digest right here where he talks about why he didn't go back to the show. I bet he was filmed in LA. I would think if he went to NY someone would've spoiled it. I wonder if the rest of the cast knew? I still have chills from that ending!