Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bring Those Lips Here

We get to see Roxy today =) She wants to throw a Fraternity Row party at the Buchanan Mansion. 

Shane gets accepted in to an art school in England. Gigi and Rex decide to move to England with him! At least they will have family there. Rex can work at BE.

James breaks up with Starr. These actors are bringing it! I was in tears as they said their goodbyes. I really liked this couple. I think James matured Starr.

Rick shows up at LaBoule with a career opportunity. He calls Starr, I know most of you hate him, but he makes me laugh. He is so sleazy but I can't help it. It doesn't hurt that I love Austin Peck. Is this career opportunity going to be what takes Starr away from Llanview? If it is, then they should have let Cole die and not Ford. Why save Cole if we get no Starr/Cole reunion or no Thornhart reunion. We shall see...

Matthew is back! He rushed home after hearing what Troy did to Bo and Nora. Desitny drops by to visit Bo. Finally she tells off Matthew. Too bad if you don't want the baby, Matty! Like Destiny said "everyone has stepped up BUT you!"
Nat and John are finally ready for their "talk." John makes a smart move and insists they both turn off their phone. John..."I didn't realize you were going to yell at me." She's putting a little too much blame on him in my opinion. Yes, he should've fought for her and not let her marry Brody. But she shouldn't have not accepted his marriage proposal if she was still in love with John. She eventually owns up to her part and asks for forgiveness. He does the same. 

John to Natty...."bring those lips here!" YIPPPYYYY!!!! They waste no time in ripping each other's clothes off. After he struggles with his words (typical John), lets a tear fall, and tells her that he loves her. Not before telling her that she's gonna have to shut up every once in a while...HAHA!!

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My2Cents2 said...

OK so you ALL know I HATE Gnat!
Typical her to end up in the bed!
Ohhh Jawn better leave her behind when he comes to Pt Chuckles!!!

Roxie going too, to England? Where is Echo??

TODAY should be a busy day on the show!!!!