Monday, December 19, 2011

Mullets, Alters, DNA, and Mazdas...Oh My!!

Roxy wakes up in Fraternity Row! OMG! It's 2 minutes in and I am laughing so hard. Viki and Clint are the butler and maid. Todd's mullet! Tea in the sexy police uniform, fixing her boobs!

John is Brandon, Roxy and David's fratboy son. He and Nat are in a possible incestuous relationship. John "look on the bright side, we are as close as 2 people can be." Nat in her whisper voice "lovers and siblings."

Porn guy Rick is the dean...LMBO!

The Ford brothers and now the "Mazda" brothers. Jessica, Dani and Starr are cracking me up as snotty sorority sisters. Kristen Alderson is bringing it!! Starr is now called "Moon." Jessica even has an alter, Roxanne. Rox is possible sleeping with all the Mazda brothers. "Could Mazda be cheating on me, with me?"
Bwahhhhh....Nigel is Roxy's (Lorraine's) sister/bff. The mother of Natalie (Brianna). Lorraine says, "you don't look so good close up." I am dying over here!!

Viki has an alter as Clint "Not again!"

Vimal is the DNA lab guy. He's testing Todd's (Dash's) DNA in the most hilarious way. Now John and Natty need a test. In come the sorority sisters and Dani asks for a Duh-Nah test. I see disaster about to

WHAT!!?? Sean is locked up (much like the real Todd was locked up). And he has a scar! His captor.....Destiny, the evil genius!

Roxy (Lorriane) is sleeping with all 3 of the Mazda brothers. "Christmas is coming early!" OMG! OLTL is too much! I am crying.

I think this episode was so enjoyable. I know the actors must have had TONS of fun with this. The giggles were definitely needed.

The last scene did make me tear up for a different reason. Watching Roxy and David walk off the FR/OLTL set broke my heart. I love this show!

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My2Cents2 said...

I FF thru the episode. Didn't care for it. I did watch when Irene & Tuc walked off the set hand in hand. That was PRICELESS.